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Frequently Asked Questions

If you require FULL TIME support, Kane can customize a plan to suit your requirements. Enquire here.

Can PrePay code to any content management system (CMS) ?

We are expert PHP developers, each with 7+ years of experience and dozens of websites developed. Saying that our favourite systems are WordPress, Magento and Shopify.

We can also handle Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET and Drupal if required.

How do I send edits?

PrePay uses TeamWork project management system to house all tasks and messages. All staff and clients are connected in transparency, with 24/7 access to site updates. You simply upload the required task and it’s actioned asap.

Do I have a dedicated project manager/programmer?

Yes, Kane Sherwell (project manager) responds to all enquiries and ensures a programmer is ready to complete your tasks. You will have a dedicated programmer who understand how your site is setup and operates. But if he/she is absent, PrePay has a number of other resources to complete your tasks ASAP.

Do you quote all work?

Only on tasks over 2 hours will we send you a quote. Tasks under 2 hours will be actioned asap.

Should you want all tasks quoted, please advise Kane.

Can I downsize my plan?

Yes, our plans are very flexible and we only need 1 months’ notice to change. Should you choose to cancel the agreement, you only need to pay the remaining hosting charge.

(Basic hosting plan is $240 for 12 months)

Can I transfer hours to the next month?

No, as our hours are at discounted rates, the hours must be used within the month.

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