About Yimei

We believe that partnerships built on trust lead to long term gains and returns. We take this to heart with all of our partnerships, regardless of the scale and their positions.

About Yimei

About Yimei holdings

TUS Yimei Holdings, out of Shanghai China is a subsidiary fund from TUS-Holdings. TUS-Holdings, based in Beijing, China, was set up in 2000 with over US $28 billion under management.

TUS Yimei Holdings actively looks to partner and invest in small high potential start-ups, as well as large established companies within the Beauty & Personal Care, Health & Wellness and Science & Technology space.

We specialize in growing and integrating our partnerships into our vertically integrated platform. We’re able to uniquely provide value at multiple levels and create a complete turn key transition of foreign success to Asia Pacific markets.

Value added ranges from manufacturing, with spans industrial design, R&D and reevaluation of cost of goods. To distribution which includes brand image and marketing translation suited to various cultures within Asia Pacific, through to investment and joint ventures which encourage rapid growth and competitive advantage.

About our company

TUS Yimei Holdings actively look to partner and invest in both small high potential start-ups and large establish companies within the Beauty & Personal Care, Health & Wellness and Science & Technology space.



We’re able to provide partners with access to our manufacturing facilities in China and Japan, which specialize in R&D, conceptual design, prototyping, molding to large scale mass production and specialized productions.


Distribution is another key integration which includes careful transition for brands and companies into Asia Pacific, with their varying cultures. We’re able to handle this along with marketing, branding, sales, logistics and after sales care as any brand or company would expect from themselves.


We have ambitious goals when it comes to investing in our partners, and are happy to go above and beyond to achieve our mutual goals. Investment is needed for rapid growth, whether that be at all levels of integration as competition is fierce in Asia Pacific. For those that are permitting, an IPO is our end goal and we’re prepared to do what it takes to get there.

Our people behind the company

Jin Yi

Yimei President

James Knight

Yimei Vice President

With over 19 years’ experience as a Development Manager, Project Manager and Town Planner in both the public and private sectors, Tim’s wealth of knowledge and skill has seen him successfully realise several master-planned communities, including residential, commercial and industrial projects.

As General Manager of Development, he guides his team with expertise and experience to achieve outstanding results. Tim is currently leading


Ou Yangsong

TUS Nikko Seiki President

Jin Xiaoce

reGeneration President

Zeng Xu

QiCommerce President

Huang Zhujie

Hairmax China R&D Director