Trusted partnerships succeed

Your go-to partner for establishing a foothold and growth in Asia Pacific.

Trusted partnerships succeed

TUS Yimei Holdings offers a unique partnership, through its vertically integrated manufacturing, distribution, investment branches and backing from the prestigious TUS-Holdings. Our mission is to partner with established or high-potential businesses with the sole goal of growing their market in Asia Pacific.

Our focus


TUS Yimei Holdings are actively looking to partner and invest in small high potential start-ups to large established companies within the Beauty & Personal Care, Health & Wellness and Science & Technology industry.

Vertically integrated

Our vertically integrated companies offer a complete turn-key solution ranging from manufacturing with retrospective plants based in China and Japan, to distribution and marketing throughout Asia Pacific and on going support in investments and joint ventures to grow successful partnerships.


TUS Yimei Holdings are a subsidiary fund from TUS-Holdings. TUS-Holdings, based in Beijing, China, was set up in 2000 with over US $28 billion under management. Their backing provides TUS Yimei with unparalleled connections and financial support to grow with our partners.

$36 billion usd market place within asia pacific

$36 billion usd market place within asia pacific

Trusted partnerships succeed.

20 years of investment heritage

focused on investment


Partner with TUS Yimei and experience increased
growth together through new markets.


We’re able to provide partners with access to our manufacturing facilities in China and Japan, which specialize in R&D, conceptual design, prototyping, molding to large scale mass production and specialized productions.

Distribution is another key integration which includes careful transition for brands and companies into Asia Pacific, with their varying cultures. We’re able to handle this along with our local experts.

We have ambitious goals when it comes to investing in our partners, and are happy to go above and beyond to achieve our mutual goals. Investment is needed for rapid growth in a highly competitive region.

An IPO might not be for everyone, but for those that are willing have our complete backing to climb to the top of the mountain in the form of an IPO for our Joint Ventures.

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Discover how TUS Yimei Holdings is growing our companies and partners businesses, whether that be on a product level, to introducing and growing their brands to capital investment and acquisitions.

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